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Your host and teacher

"In the line up, Filipe is like a fish in the ocean"

As local as it gets

"Filipe knows where to go"

Your host and teacher Filipe draws on years and years of experience in surfing as well as teaching. Born and raised in Lisbon and Caparica, he is as local as it gets! He spends his summers at the beach and in winter he works on the familiy farm where he grows olives and sunflowers. He knows exactly where to find the best waves every day of your time at Surf Roots Surfhouse! And if there is no surf for a day, he loves to show you the hidden pearls of Lisbon and Caparica!

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Delicious Portuguese Food

"Filipe serves local dinner, wine and olives"

Fish soup, garlic prawns, lambleg from the bbq and homemade cherry liquor as a desert: this is what you eat if you let Filipe do the cooking. For breakfast you get a taste of the best pastry you've had in your life! Pastel de nata, croissants and claudines will steal your heart. If you have a cough, you get a serve of handmade coughing syrup. And did we mention Filipe loves red wine and sells olive oil from the family farm? Yes, that's him.

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